Ending the Silence

Supporting and Educating Our Youth About Mental Illness

NAMI Ending the Silence is an engaging presentation that helps audience members learn about the warning signs of mental health conditions and what steps to take if you or a loved one are showing symptoms of a mental health condition. 

NAMI Ending the Silence presentations include two leaders: one who shares an informative presentation and a young adult with a mental health condition who shares their journey of recovery. Audience members can ask questions and gain understanding of an often-misunderstood topic. Through dialogue, we can help grow the movement to end stigma.

What Your Audience Will Get

      • Free of cost to schools and communities

      • NAMI Ending the Silence for Students: 50-minute presentation designed for middle and high school students that includes warning signs, facts and statistics and how to get help for themselves or a friend. Research has shown that NAMI Ending the Silence for Students is effective in changing middle and high school students’ knowledge and attitudes toward mental health conditions and toward seeking help

      • NAMI Ending the Silence for School Staff: 1-hour presentation for school staff members that includes information about warning signs, facts and statistics, how to approach students and how to work with families

      • NAMI Ending the Silence for Families: 1-hour presentation for adults with middle or high school-aged youth that includes warning signs, facts and statistics, how to talk with your child and how to work with school staff.
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    Available Classes (Family, Caregivers, or Loved Ones)
    Family to Family is intended for family, significant others and friends of people living with mental illness.
    Available Classes (Family, Caregivers, or Loved Ones of Children and TAY)
    Basics is intended for parents and other family caregivers of children, adolescents, and young adults under the age of 22 with emotional and behavioral difficulties.
    Peer Support Groups
    Peers are individuals living with a mental illness. Please select the groups that best fit your needs.
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