June’s Ask Kathy

Written by Kathy Maibaum-Perryman, CFNC – A deep passion for mental health and well-being. Using nutrition and lifestyle interventions to support mental wellness and help individuals achieve holistic health.

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Sugar! Sugar!

Let’s talk about sugar, we all know now that sugar isn’t good for us. It robs us of vital nutrients and speeds up the aging process, and it is one of the root causes of many illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, and inflammation-related diseases.

With a bit of planning, creativity, and knowing that eating or drinking sugar steals your higher potential in your physical and mental health, being mindful and recognizing that YOU are more in control than you give yourself credit, and you have the power to make healthy choices.

So let’s first read the label and read the list of ingredients. When reading the list, recognize that sugar comes in many names, including high fructose corn syrup, and dehydrated cane sugar. If you don’t recognize the name and it is one of the first ingredients, Google it, this is where you educate yourself and learn better eating habits. Here is a link from the Mayo Clinic that can show you how to read nutrition labels How to read nutrition labels | Mayo Clinic Diet.

Practice reading what you have at home and start being intentional and choosing a better sweet treat. Dark chocolate is healthier and has less sugar than milk chocolate and sugar peas or a summer fruit like watermelon is a better choice. Carry your water, add your favorite fruit with some mint, and enjoy! I am sure you will notice less fatigue, less brain fog, better digestion, and probably lose some weight.

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