NAMI Contra Costa: Helping Families and Individuals Affected by Mental Illness for Over 30 Years

Our mission is to provide support, outreach, education and advocacy to families affected by and individuals living with mental illness.


Our Education Programs provide the tools, awareness and coping skills you need to overcome the challenges people and families affected by mental illness face.


We offer support groups facilitated by trained family members and individuals that have firsthand experience coping with mental illness. 


We strive to raise awareness of mental health and improve access to quality care. Get involved today and help us bring mental illness out of the shadows and into the light.

Upcoming Education Meetings

Cultural Responsiveness

Presented by Gigi R. Crowder.

Gigi R. Crowder, speaker for the NAMI February Monthly Education Meeting, will speak about cultural relevance and appropriate cultural responsiveness in providing mental health services.
As a longtime NAMI member, a resident of Contra Costa, and Ethic Services Manager for Alameda County, Ms. Crowder will be sharing her wisdom, expertise and knowledge. She is known both statewide and locally for her work in creating mental health friendly faith communities and is a pioneer in developing curriculum to train faith leaders to better sup-port those with mental health challenges.

How to Advocate for a Loved One During the 5150 Process

Dr. Melanie Watkins, Author of Taking My Medicine: My Journey from Teenage Mother to Physician

Dr. Watkins has a private practice in Walnut Creek. She is very well versed in looking at psychiatric cases from the family viewpoint.
She has had extensive experience with people with serious mental illness from working on the acute care ward of the county hospital for many years. There will be time for questions.

Our Programs

  • Family-to-Family: A free 12-week education course for families and caregivers of those living with mental illness.
  • Peer-to-Peer: A free 10-week education course for individuals living with a mental illness.
  • Individual Support Groups: Support groups for individuals living with mental illness.
  • Family Support Groups: Support groups for family members that have loved ones living with mental illness.
  • NAMI Connection: A weekly recovery support group for people living with a mental illness.
  • In Our Own Voice: An interactive, multimedia presentation by individuals living with a mental illness that offers hope and combats stigma.
  • De Familia a Familia – Curse gratuito de 12 semanas.
  • Provider Education Program: Designed for people who work directly with individuals living with mental illness.
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